Doing cosmetic repairs in apartments means the simplest repairs to rooms – refreshing the look of the apartment without complicated projects, changing sanitation or electrical grids.

The aim of these repairs is to make rooms beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

It all seems simple, but this kind of work is an executable task only for a repairman with a lot of experience.

The order of works

Doing cosmetic repairs in an apartment means doing a lot of different work that leads to you having a suitable apartment for you.

First of all you have to put together a list of works to be done according to clients needs and requests. Then you calculate the time and money that is needed. Rooms are prepared for repairs, furniture is taken out and everything excessive is dismantled.

This type of repair consists also of these works:

Painting works
Plaster carton works
Tiling works etc

A precise list of works to be done is put together according to your needs and requests.